The use of shared, on-demand computing resources has received rapid adoption. The proven cost, performance, and stability advantages of Cloud computing firmly places it on the migration past of both private and public laboratories.  However, the instrument equipment centric IT of Laboratories present challenges that require a combination of laboratory expertise and information technology to successfully complete the migration without disrupting laboratory operations.

LabAnswer has assisted both private and public organizations to make the leap to the cloud, and can do so for your organization. Our consultant’s expertise spans Laboratory Science, Information Technology, and Cloud Security, and enables us to move you to the Cloud, realize its benefits, all while maintaining your operational focus.

In addition to the qualifications listed above, LabAnswer teams bring the following distinguishing characteristics to your project:

LabAnswer Distinguishing Features
Why is it important to you?
Certified expertise in Cloud Security

Security remains the top concern of agencies looking to adopt “Cloud” technology. Each category of Cloud Services (IAAS, PAAS, SAAS) and implementation strategy (Public, Private, Hybrid) poses a unique set of security challenges adopters – and LabAnswer has IT experts Certified in Cloud Security Knowledge by the Cloud Security Alliance who can guide you through these challenges.

Expertise in Instrument Integration

One of the seven characteristics of Cloud computing is device and location independence, which may not be feasible in organizations with a large number of legacy instruments that cannot be readily replaced.  In addition, many instruments often operate on technology which cannot support the information assurance requirements of Cloud computing.  LabAnswer has in-depth integration and mitigation approaches to address these issues when they arise.