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    Mitigate Risks to Critical Business Processes While Minimizing Downtime During Installation

Systems Deployment

Often the deployment workstream is under budgeted and not planned for in the rollout of a laboratory information management system. Deployment of the system occurs after it has been configured, customized and tested for release to the user community. Deployment involves the tasks necessary to distribute a solution to end users and enable its use. Typically this includes data load, SOP modification/development, training and custom integrations.

laptopData Migration

Knowledge of specific applications and their data structure make it possible for LabAnswer's consultants to define the most cost effective approach to migrate data.

System And Instrument IntegrationSystem Instrument Integration

The integration of laboratory systems utilizing a variety of tools and custom interfaces including middleware, communications messaging protocols and custom interfaces.


Meet your regulatory requirements by utilizing a team that fully understands the regulations, risk analysis process and is focused on your specific laboratory informatics applications.

End User TrainingEnd User Training

Our background in both science and technology gives us a valuable perspective on what it takes to guide research scientists towards leveraging new tools.

Multi-Site Deployment

Implementing and validating a core system for rollout to multiple sites is the most cost-effective way to deploy a system. But, it must be recognized that differences legitimately exist between sites and need to be accommodated. Therefore, in a multi-site or global rollout it should be determined early on in a project which processes and functionality will be centralized and which will be localized.

Multi-site deployments can vary greatly. We have been involved with both deployments where a central facility has been implemented and local health clinics are connected to the application and global deployments where a centralized application is deployed around the world. Each required training, support and local configurations for the application and custom report writing.

Deployment for the Global Enterprise

LabAnswer has deployed laboratory informatics systems on a global basis for research, biotech, clinical trials, bio-repository, public health labs and pharmaceutical companies. LabAnswer assembles experienced deployment teams utilizing methods that proactively prepare your site for the new application. We are experienced in gathering broad-based input from stakeholders through face-to-face meetings, educational campaigns and web-based communication.