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    We bridge the gap between implementation and production by providing support during the critical period of going live.

Implementation Services

LabAnswer provides Implementation Services with project planning, project management, configuration, customization, integration (with instruments, other lab applications and enterprise applications such as SAP), testing, data load, data migration, training, organizational readiness and deployment services. Our consultants can help guide your team or handle your entire laboratory informatics projects for you. Understanding both science and IT, they can help you bridge the gap between your labs and IT department.  Many laboratory informatics companies use our resources to implement their products for their clients.

Project management

Project Management

A successful laboratory informatics project requires alignment of your business objectives with the project implementation.

COTS ConfigurationCOTS Configuration

LabAnswer can efficiently configure and customize laboratory systems to meet your business objectives.

Project Workstreams

Project Workstreams

Various workstreams are needed for a successful project. These often run concurrently with the various phases of the project.

Implementation Methodology

As the leader in the laboratory informatics implementation environment, LabAnswer has developed very different methodologies and processes to manage Configurable-Off-The-Shelf (COTS), software development and long-term support initiatives. The methodologies scale to effectively manage projects from single site - single application projects to global rollouts of multiple applications.

Our clients rely on us to leverage our domain, multi-system and regulatory experience along with our methodologies to support their program objectives.

LabAnswer’s Implementation Methodology is specifically designed to address and mitigate the challenges, risks, and commonly unforeseen pitfalls of implementing laboratory informatics systems.