• Integrated Clinical Laboratory Systems

    Clinical Laboratory Systems

    Strategic Integration of Scientific Data management

Integrated Clinical Laboratory Systems

LabAnswer can provide the expertise and resources to enable pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to accelerate clinical development. Clinical laboratories prepare and analyze samples to prevent illness, diagnose disease, and monitor the medical treatment of patients. They seek a tighter integration of laboratory services throughout the organization through clean combinable data to reduce costs, maintain regulatory mandates and enhance quality.

Industry Leading Support

LabAnswer is the industry leader in the strategic integration of scientific data management in support of drug development for new and existing drugs, biologics, and diagnostics. We recognize the complexity of the clinical development cycle from preclinical to post marketing. LabAnswer also understands the processes and technologies required to optimize the integration of systems and sharing of trial data to support the most dynamic and automated implementations of clinical trial management.

LIMSClinical Trial Solutions

Maximize the integration of systems and sharing of trial data to support the most dynamic and automated implementations of trial management.

researchClinical Research

State of the art clinical informatics environments that are knowledge engineered and dynamic.


Applications can be integrated with external systems providing seamless data flow between laboratory, logistics, and accessioning functions within the enterprise operations.

Clinical Laboratory Projects

The LabAnswer Clinical Practice has completed many transformational projects for clinical trial organizations, research organizations and bio-repositories including:

Kicked off an Enterprise Laboratory Information Management project for a leading cancer research organization (approximately 30 laboratories) that will transform their business by taking a myriad of point solutions and converting them into a single, enterprise LIMS system.

Developed functionality that enabled a leading CRO to migrate to a modern technology platform as part of their 5 year plan to transform their business.

Initiated on site/near shore services to manage production support, system enhancements and environment management for the Enterprise Clinical Trial and Laboratory Information management System for a leading CRO.

Implemented a cloud based, HIPAA compliant LIMS system for a genomics lab from inception to deployment in 4 months.