Contract laboratory organizations of all sizes face unique challenges when attempting to implement and deploy laboratory automation and data management

What Makes these Organizations so Different?

First, there is an exceptional focus on the external customer which leads many laboratories to distinguish themselves by constantly evolving their services to deliver exceptional services and results. Many legacy systems in the industry have been highly customized to deliver super-specific requirements for customers to gain a competitive advantage. Over time, this approach, where successful, leads to superb growth for that testing organization but also yields highly complex laboratory fulfillment systems which are difficult to replace. LabAnswer has been at the forefront of replacing many of these highly tailored laboratory systems and can leverage best practices cultivated from these projects to manage scope and drive towards satisfaction of the end customer, which is paramount.

Classic CRM & ERP Systems Integration

A second major difference for this market is the fact that laboratory fulfillment functions are tightly coupled with classic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) functions, leading to difficult questions each organization must answer when faced with deploying new laboratory systems and data management solutions. For example:

  • Should my laboratory system be responsible for my contract and customer data management?
  • Can a commercial LIMS product meet the work tracking and billing requirements of a revenue generating lab?
  • Can I configure special business rules for my customers, projects and products that alter my lab operations?
  • Can a commercial LIMS handle my complex data management and client reporting needs?

Contract Laboratory Solutions Designed to Fit Different Industry Types

LabAnswer has helped several clients, from state governments to large global companies, answer these and other challenges associated with contract laboratories. We have applied our expertise to contract laboratories operating in several industries, including:

  • Independent Verification and Testing Laboratories
  • Contract Research Organizations (CROs)
  • Consumer Product / Safely Testing and Certification
  • Food Safety Testing
  • Clinical Reference Laboratories
  • GMP Outsourcing Laboratories
  • Government and Trade Services
  • Public Health and Environmental Testing