Laboratory Informatics for Environmental Organizations

Laboratory and scientific informatics has become essential for all environmental organizations, and especially for Government environmental agencies with compliance, protection, and enforcement missions. Over the years, increased regulatory requirements and reporting, laboratory accreditations, certifications, and massive amounts of data have increased the workload of these organizations in almost every area.  Competition, corporate and Agency budgets and workforce restrictions, however, have typically not permitted larger staffs and other necessary resources. LabAnswer has helped several environmental organizations to select, implement, and support various leading edge laboratory and scientific informatics tools that enable environmental scientists to analyze trends, make predictions, determine cause and effects and make quicker decisions in the interest of protecting public health and the environment.

Up-to-Date Technologies, Analytics Tools &
Implementation Techniques

As a vendor, technology and product neutral integrator, LabAnswer has knowledge and experience with most of today’s most promising technologies, analytics tools and implementation techniques.  We also understand the real issues impacting environmental science. LabAnswer has a diverse experience base within our ranks, cross-sectionally, throughout many environmental disciplines such as regulatory, laboratory, science, data analysis, policy and management which allows us to appropriately advise our customers in nearly all areas involving environmental data and the appropriate tools, applications, analytics and implementation approaches available. This LabAnswer core capability is backed by our corporate and individual experiences, knowledge base, and our multi-talented employees, most of which are scientists and laboratory professionals whom have transitioned to information technology and informatics earlier in their careers.