Data needs to be visible, available, easy to manage, completely traceable and 100% reproducible. 

The combination of high throughput sequencing technologies, robotics, bioinformatics, and enhancements in computer hardware provides access to information that can change how we treat diseases, identify potential pathogens, or improve food safety and value. Independent of the research at hand, the objective remains the same: Identify the function of a gene or particular set of genes and its relationship to a system.

Scientists are challenged to not only completely understand the objective but also to integrate a very diverse set of technological tools in order to perform data quality control, genome analysis, sample management and data storage. This data then becomes a commodity that needs to be exploited and translated into solid information supporting quality systems that will lead to a concrete solution for a particular problem. In this era of “Personalized” or “Precision” medicine, data needs to be visible, available, easy to manage, completely traceable and 100% reproducible. 

From Data to Clinically Relevant Solutions

Merging information collected using multiple systems, efficiently relating genomic data to a specific biological function and extrapolating that data into clinically relevant solutions remains the principal challenge of genomic data analysis.  Those individuals working in the genomics field recognize that there is much more to data analysis than just defining the genomic target and scrutinizing sequencing data.

The genomic consultants at LabAnswer have extensive experience with genomics based applications and platforms used in both regulated and non-regulated laboratory settings.  This includes wet lab or hands-on experience with related methods and equipment which allows us the unique ability to maintain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by genomics laboratories. As a result, LabAnswer is able to propose the best solutions for your laboratory management and business needs. 

Specialized Genomics-Based Consulting Solutions

LabAnswer provides specialized consulting on different genomics based projects, data storage, data management and informatics analysis, including:

  • Strategic assessments, including requirements elicitation, business case, and informatics road map
  • Expert and objective software selections
  • LIMS and ELN implementation and deployment
  • GxP compliance consulting and systems validation