LabAnswer has deep experience with laboratory instrument and chromatography systems support in addressing common challenges found in laboratories. Support includes hardware failures in both the instrument and computer, communication between the instrument and the computer and the computer and the network, maintaining instrument and operating system software updates, and virus detection and cleaning.

Exceptional Laboratory Support

LabAnswer provides exceptional laboratory support to companies large and small, national and international.  This support encompasses instrument/computer interfacing, basic troubleshooting, liaison between instrument vendor and client, computer imaging, software installation from instrument controller to anti-virus, operating system installation and upgrades, maintaining computer life cycle, and raw data backup and recovery.

Support for Secure Government Instrument Systems

Our government services is currently supporting thirteen laboratories across the United States and United States territories. Support involves implementing a raw data backup system for instrument controllers and migrating outdated computer operating systems to more secure and up to date systems.  We have successfully troubleshot communication issues on a Visible and Ultraviolet Spectroscopy (UV-VIS) saving the Government thousands of dollars for a field technician to come out to resolve the issue and prevented lengthy instrument down time.