• Focus

    Not a Run-of-the-Mill IT Firm -
    We Focus Only on Laboratory & Clinical Informatics

    We’re different from most IT outsourcing companies because we are focused solely on the application of information technology in the laboratory environment.

  • Domain expertise

    Domain Expertise

    Domain expertise is critical in business modeling, requirements gathering, system analysis, data modeling, and the resulting system design.

  • Consulting

    Americas Leading Laboratory Informatics Consulting Firm

    A proven track record of providing outsourcing support for large scale, global, enterprise-wide laboratory informatics systems.

Managed Services & Outsourcing Lab Systems Support

A Proven Track Record of Providing Outsourcing Support for Large Scale, Global, Enterprise-Wide Systems

LabAnswer can help you meet the IT challenges unique to laboratory environments. Our managed services and outsourcing lab systems support teams can be a seamless extension of your workforce - supplying expertise and producing results on an ongoing basis. You can improve results on your service level objectives and reduce costs in the administration, maintenance and support of your laboratory systems with an expert partner you can trust.

Our lab systems support specialists have a deep understanding of laboratory informatics and the execution of the outsourcing methodology. We regularly exceed expectations in service level agreements and have received exemplary client satisfaction scores.

Outsourcing Lab Systems Methodology

LabAnswer's proven outsourcing methodology allows us to quickly ascertain and document our clients’ systems, configuration and workflows as well as transition effectively into production support. We already know and have real world experience implementing the best practices for help desk support, change management, resolution of issues, and communication with the user community and management. As a result, our clients recognize us for the quality support and services that we deliver. 

LabAnswer Outsourcing Lab Systems Support Tools

LabAnswer has developed automated tools that enhance our ability to support our clients’ production environments. LabAnswer’s Change Management Tool automates the packaging and promotion from one environment to the next (such as from development to quality assurance to production) – reduces the time to rollout the change and reduces the probability of rollout problems occurring. The LabAnswer Support Methodology provides a defined Change Management Process which is tailored for your business needs. By defining each of the roles and the associated responsibilities, the Change Management Process guides the support team through the “approval to proceed”, resolution, testing, documentation, notification, “approval to release” and promotion processes required by change management.

A Culture of Support

LabAnswer takes pride in our support culture that treats users with empathy and concern while building their confidence in our ability to resolve their issue efficiently. We strive to lower the time spent performing break/fix activities each year through root cause analysis of reported issues and resolving the issues systematically to prevent them from occurring in the future. In addition, we frequently are able to recommend alternate implementation approaches that create a more stable environment.