Partner Alliances

Because LabAnswer is independent of any software vendor, we have the ability to architect, select, implement, deploy, and support the right solution for our clients’ particular laboratories. 

We readily form partnerships and alliances with the leading software laboratory informatics vendors that best serve our clients. In today’s complex business environment we facilitate the formation of project teams from diverse software companies and consulting companies to focus on the common goal of meeting the client’s objectives.

Laboratory informatics is a unique blending of technology, tools, talent and science. Our multi-disciplined team of experts have decades of combined experience that includes analysts, chemists, project managers, and system architects working with the leading laboratory informatics vendors.

LabAnswer Has Worked With Every Major Laboratory Informatics Configurable-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Product On The Market.

Our value is in providing guidance, perspectives, and our industry opinions based upon over 20 years of informatics experience. Our experts can help you choose the right vendor by:

  • Clearly understanding your requirements
  • Correctly working through the procurement process (government or private sector)
  • Asking each vendor the right questions
  • Ensuring vendors’ demonstrations accurately depict their capabilities

Experience that Works for You

LabAnswer has years of experience working with products from many vendors. We have the ability to architect, design, configure, develop, implement, deploy and support nearly any laboratory informatics application (custom, open source and COTS based on our domain expertise and skill-sets.

The knowledge gained from our multi-industry, multi-product business model provides our clients with LIMS expertise which is unmatched by any other company in the industry.