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Laboratory & Scientific Data Analytics

Encourage Collaboration & Facilitate Better Decision Making

Once you have established and are working from a solid informatics strategy , LabAnswer can then help you gain more immediate access to your data and derive real intelligence from all of the data that you collect. A typical laboratory informatics environment may have a LIMS, CDS, ELN, SDMS, a Clinical Trial Management System, NG Sequencing/Genomics, and any number of other ancillary systems. Each of these systems may have its own reporting tools. We can help you build a holistic, enterprise view of your laboratory & scientific data and consolidate reporting across the data within all of these disparate applications.

Maximize the Value of Your Organizational Knowledge

Modern organizations are built on data…reams and reams of it.  Laboratory instruments produce raw test data that is generated for a specific purpose, and typically reported for that purpose and then forgotten.  Labs are good at generating, storing, and archiving data, but when combined with other organizational data, this data has value beyond its original intent. This “secondary use” of data is often overlooked but can yield a wealth of insights, from improving operational efficiency to discovering new research opportunities to uncovering buying trends that drive .

Once you have harmonized your data from various sources, you can develop reports and dashboards, apply statistical tools, ad hoc capabilities, and predictive analytics to answer questions such as “How is my process performing?” or “What is the optimal formulation for my product?” or “How do I anticipate my laboratory throughput for next month? Next year?” Having access to all of your data in one place through data virtualization or a traditional data warehouse is just the start.  Being able to effectively manage your business, your laboratory, or your experiments requires having the right analytic tools in place to enable proactive decision making. LabAnswer can help you to evaluate, select and implement the right analytic tools, and build the essential dashboards and performance indicators to optimize your laboratory and the science being done within it.

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data analytics

Benefits of Consolidated Laboratory & Scientific Data Analytics

  • Encourages knowledge sharing and collaboration
  • Provides a mechanism to validate human intuition
  • Facilitates better, more intelligent decisions to drive scientific discovery and thereby improve Quality of Life
  • Enables enterprise search
  • Enables advanced analytics -- BI, Descriptive, Predictive, Prescriptive/Optimized
  • Drives more efficient data management and data governance
  • Rationalizes spending decisions, from data capture to enterprise data stores and Big Data