• the electronic laboratory

    Applications for the Global Enterprise

    LabAnswer has developed the people, processes, methodologies, and intellectual property to scale for the largest global enterprise deployments.

Technologies for the Electronic Laboratory

When properly architected and implemented, technology should accelerate the business objectives of your laboratory operations.

clinical trial solutions CLINICAL TRIAL

A fully integrated, large scale clinical trials solution that integrates lab informatics, patient data, and full data warehouse capability

data managementDATA

LabAnswer has architected, implemented, deployed, and/or supported hundreds of major scientific data management systems across more than a thousand laboratories


LabAnswer is a market leader in the planning and implementation of Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELN) and Laboratory Execution Systems (LES).


Laboratory instrument and chromatography systems support knowledge that solves common challenges found in laboratories 

Software Vendor Neutrality

LabAnswer maintains a vendor neutral stance in our strategic services work because vendor biases create conflicts of interest. Our desire is that customers implement the most appropriate technology solutions available that best-fit their business needs, requirements, and environment.

We recommend that the customer makes the final software product investment decisions and that in informatics software selection engagements vendors be selected through a structured selection and evaluation process to ensure that the product will meet or exceed customer requirements at the best negotiated price.


LabAnswer also Supports Scientific Applications for: