Challenges of Enterprise Systems


The Scientific Platform for Now & the Future

The goal is to ultimately drive scientific and business decisions with more knowledge and intelligence

    Like the traditional definitions, a scientific platform is both an architecture and an ideology. In the world of scientific informatics and technology it’s critical that you are creating an information technology architecture that allows processes and data/information to be exposed on a platform so that seamless access is achievable. Other important factors come into play like; low maintenance, supportability, integration, agility and scalability. Why is this critical? It’s critical because the goal is to ultimately drive scientific and business decisions with more knowledge and intelligence. The only way to do this in industrialized science, which now relies heavily on externalization, is to provide scientific platforms that not only help accumulate your data but add the necessary meta data or context to it.  This must work (in most environments), both internally and in hosted and vendor hosted cloud environments. The rest of the organization, which now can include potentially hundreds of collaborators, can leverage the knowledge gained and not only make but capture those key decisions.


    Setting the Culture is Transformational

    If you are not including your Research and Development data as a top company asset then you are probably failing in efficiently getting your products to market. Your data and information layer must be properly managed with scientific platforms or data and information layer will manage you.

    Best Practices are Derived from a Positive Culture

    When you a focused approach to securing an asset you typically generate best practices and governance that allows you to manage that asset. This resulting governance for data and services allows an organization to drive forward with data integrity, accountability and managed enhancements or progress.

    Team Work Spawns from Best Practices & Culture

    LabAnswer has many examples of team success. In drug discovery, many of the marketed drugs evolved from successful team work, both scientific and from an informatics (information organization) and sharing perspective. In today’s very competitive landscape companies cannot afford to dysfunction in or on their teams. It’s been our experience that greater success comes from optimized teams.

    The New World of Personalized Medicine, Genomics and Wireless Medicine

    The world of disease target R&D based pharmaceutical and biotechnologies companies is expanding. The intersection of personalized medicine, genomics and wireless medicine is upon us.  This world is bringing some big challenges which are not limited to but include: a several order of magnitude increase in analytical instruments (wearables, wireless medicine), very large datasets with provenance challenges and sample logistics and intelligence. Now is the time to implement your Scientific Platform of the future!